ULTRAMILE's core focus is on quality. We have gone out of the way to set a new bench mark for quality.In PCR we have not only provided a double sidewall in most taxi segment sizes, but we have also given the highest possible UTQG in most tyres, which ensure uniform wearing, traction and temperature.In TBR we have engineered our products keeping in mind the toughest conditions faced by the truck driver. Whether its a rough road, extreme overload or driving through a stone filled quarry, our products can withstand it all. All our TBR products have 18 ply rating along with a very strong sidewall and shoulder, which is ideal for Indian roads. The minimum weight of every tyre ranges from 60 - 62 kgs (only tyre). This is due to the high amount of natural rubber that we use in our products, which further ensures good fuel efficiency, smooth wearing and high chances of retreading.


    Our goal from the very beginning has been to provide a solution to all kinds of customers. Whether a fleet owner, individual car owner, off-roader or speed enthusiast, we have an answer for them all.Our large range of PCR tyres has the right sizes and patterns for any and every vehicle. We have 2 patterns focusing on SUV's, for off-road and on-road. We have 2 patterns for sedans and 1 pattern specially for speed enthusiasts.Our range of TBR tyres has been designed keeping a very versatile application in mind. Whether it is a lorry service, freight carrier, quarry tipper or a tanker, our range of products are suitable for all.


    All our products sold in India are ISI certified, and adhere to the highest of quality standards.


    All ULTRAMILE products are first tried and tested on vehicles before they are sold commercially. We have achieved exceptional mileage data in both our product ranges, and we believe we have set a new benchmark for performance, passenger comfort and safety.


    All our products are built in brand new factories, that are not only using state of the art testing and manufacturing technologies /processes, but also have employed the best engineers from all over the world as shown in the video below. This is partly the reason why we have been able to provide the best UTQG ratings for our PCR range. Many of our products have coloured linings on them, as they are x-rayed and scanned for air pockets or other defects before being sold.