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185 R 14 Tubeless Q Car Tyre


Size: 185 R 14

Compatible Vehicles:

About this item

The UM 777 LT is part of the LTR range of tyres by Ultra mile. These tyres are designed with extremely high ply rating and sturdy patterns to furnish a sense of confidence while traveling long distance loaded with heavy cargo on different road surfaces. Sizes ranging between 14-16 inches are available for the light truck segment of vehicles in the tubeless forms. Fuel efficiency and longer tyre life with even wear is an added perk of these tyres.

Features & Benefits

  • Wider treads infused in the design offer higher mileage, fuel efficiency and stable handling.
  • Stone ejectors in the shoulder grooves minimise casing damage ensuring longer tyre life.
  • Excellent grip on dry and wet road surfaces is secured due to the sipes on the centre and shoulder ribs.
  • ISI Certified.
  • Shoulder protectors are integrated to protect the sidewalls from cuts and injuries encountered on rough road surfaces.

Width: 185
Rim: 14
Max Speed Limit: 160 Km/Ph
Tyre Weight: 9kg (Approx)
Noise: Low Noise
Construction Tyre: Radial
Fitting Charges: Free Fitting
Grip: Excellent Dry & Wet Grip
Warranty Summary: 1 Year Unconditional + 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
Mileage: High Mileage
Stability: High Stable
Durability: Long Life
Ply Rating: 8PR