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195/70 R 14 Tubeless 91 H Car Tyre


Size: 195/70 R 14

About this item

The UM 555 from Ultra Mile’s PCR line up is an all- season radial tyre which only materializes in the tubeless form. These tires are produced with high quality rubber to offer premier performance while being quite. The UM 555 series comes in rim sizes of 13-16 inches to cater to the family friendly hatchbacks, sedans and compact crossover SUV’s. Irregular tire wear is nullified resulting in longer tire life.

Features & Benefits

  • Uni directional tread design along with 4 circumferential straight grooves aid in quick and efficient water draining which in turn reduces the risk aquaplaning under wet road conditions.
  • A combination of variable pitches on the shoulder blocks along with the siping on the tread surface offer a quitter drive experience.
  • Rolling resistance is lower thanks to the silica tread compound ensuing greater fuel efficiency at length.
  • ISI Certified.
  • Insertion of double sidewalls ensures longer tyre life.
  • Issue of irregular wear is solved credits the newly developed directional tread design.

Width: 195
Rim: 14
Load Index: 91
Max Speed Limit: 210 Km/Ph
Tyre Weight: 9kg (Approx)
Fuel Efficiency: Fuel Efficient
Noise: Low Noise
Maximum Load: 615
Construction Tyre: Radial
Fitting Charges: We do not provide Free Fitting. You can get the tyre fitted locally.
Grip: Excellent Dry & Wet Grip
Warranty Summary: 1 Year Unconditional Plus Life Long Manufacturer Warranty