ULTRAMILE is a premium brand of high quality tyres, designed by the best engineers from Japan and Korea, using the latest and best technologies that are required for a smooth and comfortable ride on Indian roads. Whether it is high mileage, high tonnage or just high performance on smooth or rough roads, our product range is versatile enough to suit all applications.


Our wide range of products entails important features meeting all of your on-road requirments.

High Quality

Versatile Applications

ISI Certified

Superior Performance

Latest Technology


Our range of PCR tyres is specially designed for Indian roads, with a focus on passenger comfort for long distance driving. Unlike other brands, we provide a double sidewall to our tyres for a longer life and better resistance to bumps and potholes. Our special range of tyres for off road enthusiasts, provide a superior grip on even the toughest terrains, without any sacrifice on comfort. With ULTRAMILE PCR we want to set a new a benchmark of quality, comfort and safety.



Our range of TBR tyres has been designed using the most stringent quality standards. All our tyres have been tried and tested on Indian roads in the worst of conditions. Whether it is high mileage or over loading, UM TBR has surpassed all expectations, time and time again. We believe in not just selling our tyres, but also winning the trust of our consumers to use this brand for the transport of their goods and services.



Keeping one eye on innovation, we have launched a new range of LTR tyres. In the coming future, we are anticipating a growing trend in pickup trucks and and small utility vehicles. To make sure your cargo is on the right tyres, our LTR range comes with extremely high ply rating and robust patterns for all types of uses. After the success of our PCR range, Our LTR tubeless range will surely win you over no matter how heavy your cargo, or however long your distance.



Chinese national Compulsory product certification

Environmental management systen certification

ISO9001 quality management system certification

Occupational Health and Safety management system certification

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